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Asia Star Hotel, Dali
Asia Star Hotel, Dali 75 USD

Da Li Phoenix Spa Hotel
Da Li Phoenix Spa Hotel 48 USD

Dali Gurong Hotel
Dali Gurong Hotel 84 USD

Dali Hotels

Xiaguan is the politics; economic center of Dali now, the facilities tour reception is also perfect, Dali is as the famous tour city...

Dali travel guide

In Eel Lake, Xiaoputuo can be treated as a pocketsized island. Although the island is small, the reputation is very big, necessary have it in album of paintings of introducing Dali...

Dali introduction

Dali City is the place of the capital of the Dali Bai Nationality Autonomous State, is the politics, economy, cultural center of the whole state. The Dali Bai Nationality Autonomous State locates in west-central in Sichuan Province...

Food of Dali

The most of the best restaurants of Dali are in the Gucheng. If you want to enjoy the delicacies of Dali, you can go to the Huguo Road in Gucheng. There are western meal coffee parlors with special features of minority such as Bai Nationality...

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Welcome to Dali!
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Hotel Name Star Price
♦ Asia Star Hotel, Dali75 USDBook
♦ Da Li Phoenix Spa Hotel48 USDBook
♦ Dali Gurong Hotel84 USDBook
♦ Regent Hotel, Dali57 USDBook
♦ Man Wan Hotel Dali39 USDBook
♦ Run Ze Yuan Hotel, Dali33 USDBook
♦ landscape hotel - Dali54 USDBook
♦ Huairen Hotel, Dali30 USDBook
♦ Golden Dali Hotel30 USDBook
♦ Rong Hua Business Hotel - Dali45 USDBook
♦ Cored wells Ming Yuan Hotel in Dali City39 USDBook
♦ Yunqi chains Inn (Dali Erhai)57 USDBook
♦ Dali Sheng-hui Hotel24 USDBook
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